what a way to go. . . teaching project based learning to students is so rewarding.  It’s unbelievable to watch the critical thinking process take hold as students practice thinking about their thinking.  PBL units take an incredible amount of time to build to be both thorough and exciting for the students and teachers alike.  Teachers often start teaching the critical thinking skills, but by the time they are into the project they lose sight of the thinking skills and focus on the project, making it just another project.  The whole purpose of PBL is to teach student thinking skills, the project is just the vehicle used to practice those skills.

If you’d like to teach PBL in your classroom, and don’t want to take months and months to research and create, check out our fully designed, ready to go PBL Units at .

Looking forward to help inspire teachers out there and make their job easier and more rewarding. . .  make teaching fun and exciting again!









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