Thinking Skills

The goal of this blog is to:

  1. Support the teacher in understanding the purpose behind the instructional practices that provide the opportunity for students to begin thinking about their thinking.
  1. Provide students the opportunity, through cognitive training, to develop real life skills needed in the 21st century. These include critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, and communication.

Before this process begins, necessary language must be developed within the teacher and the students. Students need to get a preview of the language of critical thinking so it can be referred to and reinforced over the course of instruction, regardless of the subject matter.

These lessons are best utilized over a period of a few days, and when blended into other subject matter during the day, to encourage the cognitive training in all aspects of their lives. At the end of each day, allot 10 minutes or so for students to reflect in journal writing.

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Have a great day!



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